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Sun, Dec. 10th, 2006, 06:29 pm
happy holidays..... happy holidays....

okay boys and girls..

..its the bottom of the ninth and its time for the big one..

its baseball talk hehe well finals week is just hours away and i guess after this its somewhat of a vacation.. although my trip to Virginia for the holidays looks kind of dim (holiday rush = no space on plane) i guess spending it here wont be as bad.. except that the weather is nice and cold but i'd be happier with out the rain.

in other news i put up some new pics check 'em out here and here

to add, i stumbled on this program called picasa. since i suck at photoshop and almost everything else picasa is a welcome change. simple but just as you guessed what you can do is pretty limited to other programs out there but it does the job. pics from my flickr account are raw in the sense that i got them straight from my CF card and the newly posted pics in my multiply were edited through picasa.. comments and or suggestions would be appreciated..